Faulty Medicaid system paid out $11 million to deceased residents in Rhode Island

Rhode Island paid about $11 million to more than 1,000 deceased residents during fiscal year 2018 as a result of faulty software within its statewide health insurance platform, the state auditor revealed Thursday. The audit also shows the state’s Executive Office of Health and Human Services is struggling to retrieve more than $60 million in double payments dispersed to nursing homes while the computer system could not process patient applications. The mispayments were a result of several deficiencies found in the system, called RIBridges, or sometimes referred to by its project name, the state’s United Health Infrastructure Project, or UHIP. The audit shows that the platform’s eligibility controls — the service that determines which residents can receive Medicaid — did not meet state standards. A comparison of the state’s benefit-eligibility records and independent death records performed by auditor Dennis Hoyle found 10,881 dead people were still considered “eligible” for Medicaid. “..

California lawmaker renews call for CIO’s ouster after latest DMV gaffe

Between long lines at state offices, millions of dollars in supplementary funding requests and reports of attempted interference against a voter registration system by overseas actors, the computer systems operated by the California Department of Motor Vehicles are not working well these days. Now, amid an audit of the DMV, a lengthy investigation published this week by the Los Angeles Times and ongoing budget talks that continue to uncover new problems, some lawmakers, led by Republican Assemblyman Vince Fong, are calling for new leadership at the state’s Department of Technology, which designed the DMV’s automatic voter registration system. Fong, who called in October for the resignations of then-DMV Director Jean Shiomoto and state Chief Information Officer Amy Tong, told StateScoop he is hopeful with the new evidence of the DMV’s troubles in its computer systems and what he characterized as systemic problems within the state’s overall IT governance, that there will […] Source